Our 3-in-1 promotional package includes 3 advertising videos for the price of one:

  • A 3D Avatar Spokesperson Video
  • A Kinetic Video
  • A Whiteboard Video Ad.

We customise these three videos with your text, colours and logo and provide it to you in MP4 format (or any other format you would want.) You can then use these videos where- and whenever you want.

Our amazing 3D Avatar characters with our state of the art lip-sync technology explaining your products / services are really eye-catching and will be huge assets in your advertising campaigns.

Take a look at some examples here:

3D Avatar: Hairdressing

Kinetic Video: Hairdressing

Whiteboard Video: Hairdressing

3D Avatar: Events Planner

Kinetic Video: Events Planner

Whiteboard Video: Events Planner

3D Avatar: Electrician

Kinetic Video: Electrician

Whiteboard Video: Electrician

3D Avatar: Web Design

Kinetic Video: Web Design

Whiteboard Video: Web Design

3D Avatar: Construction Company

Kinetic Video: Construction Company

Whiteboard Video: Construction Company

3D Avatar: Funeral Company

Kinetic Video: Funeral Company

Whiteboard Video: Funeral Company